What is your tendency to predict your future? Do you use your creative mind or past experience, beliefs and your expectancies? Do you see future as a risk or adventure?
Do you know we predict future based on our expectations and anticipations?

Expectation + Action = Creation

Change your expectation, change your result!

“Whatever you have, you must either use or lose.” Henry Ford

When you stepping to a new project, a new desire or unknown, are you expecting REWARD or PAIN? SADNESS? Roots of our decisions come from our early life and what is happened on the way. How was your childhood? Do you get what you want wit ease or you needed to cry or your parents made you stop to ask for something?
Please watch below Psychologist Dr. Jennice Vilhaure TED talk, you can understand more what I mean and I think you will start to predict better future for yourself 🙂

As you know there is a say “change yourself, change your life”,
I will say CHANGE YOUR expectation, CHANGE YOUR result”, 
If you need support in this journey, Please let me know,
Nilgun Yetiş
Transformational Coach
for Meaningful Life & Business
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