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Tired of being SICK, TIRED and STUCK where you are at?  Ready to do it differently? Committed to be of service to the world in a better approach?
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Get clarity.

Find out what you really want.

Be empowered.

Now you know where you are going, we are gonna define clear action steps.

Feel confident.

Have road map in your hand to move forward.

Take advantage of my 90-minute “Clarity & Focus Strategy Session” today to start your path toward a better you in the business world. With my awesome program, you can gain more clarity in your desires, become empowered with new skillsets and motivation, and feel confident that you are moving in the right direction.

The lessons you will learn will help you get a taste of what you can expect from the excellent and focused career coaching sessions I offer to my clients. Maybe all you’ve wanted recently is a qualified person to bounce your ideas off of. Or perhaps all you really want is someone to help you clear up your own motivations, and set you down the right path.

You can even bring your own topics to the table during this informative session, and we will work towards meeting the goals you want to set for yourself.

We keep laser focused, no matter what your desire may be, so we can get to the core of your needs immediately.

What They Say

Don’t just take it from me, let my clients do the talking!

My coaching experience with Nilgun was amazing. She was able to identify what was my block without digging into jargon around mindset. She zoomed right into the heart of the issues I had created. Through our conversation for the first time I was able to see how I had changed one simple action in my life. I’ve worked with 2 other money coaches in the past who are good but were not able to help me see how I wasn’t fully living from every piece of my heart. I’ve spent tons of time on limiting beliefs and what I call hereditary habits, while useful it wasn’t the answer. After working with these other coaches, I changed my mind and instead of looking for answers I looked for a teacher. I truly found a great teacher in Coach Nilgun. She helped me add mental and physical energy into my life allowing my greatness to rise to the top again. Kyria Kalata

Life Coach, Author, Speaker, Founder of Get A Life, Too!

Prepare to Become Unstuck, Focused, Directed, and to Gain Insight.

During your session, we will talk for a full 90-minute recorded conversation. Taking place online, I will send you this quality session for free 48 hours after we finish. That way you can take this valuable information with you on your journey toward a more focused you. I know that each client is different, which is why I email each client, and provide them with a pre-coaching packet of questionnaires and prep material before each call.

With this valuable information, I can set up a session that will be focused and ideal right from the very first seconds of the conversation.

For a simple investment of $220, we will use whatever call/video call platform you’re most comfortable with to talk about unlocking your potential. Even though I will not be physically “next” to you, we will always talk “in person.”

“Nilgun assisted me in conquering my fear of not being taken too seriously in my profession due to my young age. She gave me tips on how to accept these fears (instead of ignoring it or letting it stop me from progressing) and not allow it to overrun my mentality and dream of being a speaker educating people about health. I feel more confident going forward as I’m ready to tackle the challenges and will not allow any negativity stop me achieving my dream!

I highly recommend Nilgun to anyone who is ready to have their mentality and life changed to take them to the next level of their life! Thank you Nilgun.”

Sandra Lin

Author of Cell Magic “How to Heal Yourself” The New Health Guide

What I Will Do For You

I always strive to stay person-focused in my coaching approach. You are not a simple personality test that can be put into a streamlined motivation session, but an individual with complex needs, wants, and desires. By listening deeply with a sense of sincere curiosity, I will help you learn to trust your own wisdom, allowing you to improve from the inside out.

By helping you explore what you really feel, I will help you navigate the messy world of inner feelings, and business desires. Allow me to clear the clutter and fog from your dreams with my respectful coaching approach. Let me shape your beliefs, feelings, perceptions, and thinking-methods to help you unlock your full creative potential.

Ultimately, I will help you unlock the following six goals:


A sense of clarity about your path in the business world.

A strong guidance and coaching program.

The ability to develop the moxie to overcome your obstacles.

A safe way to go about landing in the field you want to work in.

A sense of focus about your ultimate goals.

The confidence to go for the path you truly want to follow.

Want to know more about me?


My name is Nilgun Yetis, and I am highly experienced in the hard-core world of corporate business, but have missed the creativity and human aspects of the real world. To fulfill a role that uses my past expertise in the corporate world, while still allowing myself to work with ideal human clients, I have dedicated myself to becoming a world-class career coach. Over the years I have focused on crafting coaching plans for clients with the following ideal qualities:

  • Heartful and passionate.
  • Multi-faceted skill set.
  • Corporate and small business experience.
  • A need for improvement.
  • A fear of self-starting.
  • Wanting to realize their potential.
  • A passion for private business.

In my practice, I focus on two specific business types to optimize my coaching:

  1. The Entrepreneur or Solopreneur – Those with difficulty getting organized and focused. People with “soft” skills that simply need the motivation to become more discipline and take action.
  2. The Employer or Manager Working for an Established Company – Those who already have a strong “hard” skill set, but just need to establish a better sense of business-knowledge and communication.

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