Nilgun is a very unique coach with her extensive management skills in the technical field and with her background as a coach – she gives laser focus coaching. She is a great coach and mentor. She is open, respectful, a very good listener and at the same time very hands on by giving you new perspectives that will take your business to the next level. I highly recommend Nilgun!    Founder and Business Coach & Consultant at http://www.froydisegge.com




I decided to receive coaching when I left my executive job to open my consultancy company. I preferred to receive professional coaching to see my shortcomings in entrepreneurial journey and improve them objectively. I was Executive Manager in a Textile Manufacturer before, so entrepreneurial arena was new to me, I had lots of choices but I did not know where to start.  After working with Nilgun, I felt much more confidence,  inner-strength and inner-trust.

During this coaching journey, communicating with a coach who is looking at me from my window and who knows the troubles I was experiencing and gived the solutions, made me feel special and comfortable.  It also provides steps that go hand in hand with not only strategical, but also psychological aspects. Beside, you may be amazed at the simultaneous acquaintances and coincidences (as if someone you were trying to talk to came up against a party)   Especially with regard to money consciousness work, now,  I am much more consciousness of abundance than before. I began to recognize the masculine and feminine energies in my character and changed lots of my habits.  I became much more from a more peaceful person 🙂 Müge BALKIŞ- Textile Engineer & Management Consultant

  When I started to work with Nilgün, I was in a phase where I had difficulty in focusing. It felt like living an unending nightmare. I had to make a lot of effort to feel better & empowered. I was struggling with getting up. Rising above & beyond my limits & limitations I knew was possible but my efforts were not effective enough.After watching Nilgün’s video post about relationship training on Facebook, it was a calling which motivated me to address this area.
After years of dissatisfactory level of success in achieving fulfilling, consistent improvements with my husband & kids, I seemed lost. The coaching intro talk was the Greatest pull as she understood me.She was there, ready, willing & well equipped. Her coaching style is great as it is just according to my style & my greatest need to dive deep into all areas of life. I had been doing self-help & had successfully transformed my Self, but it was not only very overwhelming, I was in need of some coach above me in achievement level to show me the path upward on other life areas as well. I learned a different approach, very close to my resonance.
The intention making exercise is a Great Breakthrough strategy. Further, self-exploration of for example, Why I cannot express was the next level of active grieving I needed. The FB group & active reminders, push & encouragements are a HUGE pull through incentive……. All these subliminally also help to recall & reinforce the sessions, lessons & experience, the empowering communications she made. Now I feel much more empowered within.”
Shrine Khan- Empower Within Coach & Trainer


“Nilgun is a skilful coach, who is truly passionate about her work and committed to helping people she works with to have profound transformations in their business and life. Nilgun combines her outstanding analytical skills with a knowledgeable and masterful guidance towards the best solution for the Client. I would recommend Nilgun to anyone who is seeking to realise their full potential, be it in business or life, to boost their creativity, and to increase their personal or team performance in a way that is highly congruent with the bigger vision and the ultimate values and goals.” -Anna Kochenkova, Phd, MBA Business and Life Coach, Founder




Dr. Anita M. Jackson Founder and CEO AMJ Productions and Publications The I Am Enough Institute Outrageous Success Women's Network Channel

Dr. Anita M. Jackson
Founder and CEO
AMJ Productions and Publications
The I Am Enough Institute
Outrageous Success Women’s Network Channel

Just completed another amazing EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) session with Nilgün Yetiş. This time we took it even higher and I’m feeling another level of openness, clarity, and freedom (all my spiritual qualities) to manifesting more in my personal life and business. She is truly gifted.

If you are currently needing support in getting energetically clear so that you can open up to receiving more of what you are trying to create and intend for your life and business.

I use EFT for myself and my clients and highly recommend having this done. Here’s an opportunity you do now want to miss.

Thank You so Nilgun for your graciousness, beauty, power, wisdom, intuitive and spiritual gift. You are AMAZING!



She has broad perspective and vision. I get exact solution whenever i consult to her. I highly recommend if you’re looking for new horizon and satisfactory solution in your life and in your career. She will help to open new doors for your creativeness and potentials. Indeed to work with her highly enjoyable sophisticated and spiritually enriching journey. She makes you happy with your multi-potential and creative skills.

Ezgi Ahat- Visiting Medical Student at Brigham and Women’s Hospital



Kyria Kalata- Life Coach, Author, Speaker Founder of Get A Life, Too!

My coaching experience with Nilgun was amazing. She was able to identify what was my block without digging into jargon around mindset. She zoomed right into the heart of the issues I had created. Through our conversation for the first time I was able to see how I had changed one simple action in my life. I’ve worked with 2 other money coaches in the past who are good but were not able to help me see how I wasn’t fully living from every piece of my heart. I’ve spent tons of time on limiting beliefs and what I call hereditary habits, while useful it wasn’t the answer. After working with these other coaches, I changed my mind and instead of looking for answers I looked for a teacher. I truly found a great teacher in Coach Nilgun. She helped me add mental and physical energy into my life allowing my greatness to rise to the top again.


andra Lin-Author of Cell Magic "How to Heal Yourself" The New Health Guide

Sandra Lin-Author of Cell Magic “How to Heal Yourself” The New Health Guide


Nilgun assisted me in conquering my fear of not being taken too seriously in my profession due to my young age. She gave me tips on how to accept these fears (instead of ignoring it or letting it stop me from progressing) and not allow it to overrun my mentality and dream of being a speaker educating people about health. I feel more confident going forward as I’m ready to tackle the challenges and will not allow any negativity stop me achieving my dream!

I highly recommend Nilgun to anyone who is ready to have their mentality and life changed to take them to the next level of their life! Thank you Nilgun.


“I’m Aster Quezon and I work as an Interior Designer. Apart from arts and designing I have other interests like traveling, swimming, health, reality and getting into your own business. I had two wonderful empowering of oneself session with Nilgun which helped me to realize where I’m passionate about and unfortunately the huge block of fear which hinders me to live a life to the full.

I like how she urged me to put all my dreams, my bucket list of things I want to do and accomplish on paper and even on a story board to help me focus on it. I can get a little bit frazzled still. But the new business I’m working on I always remember what she told me to persevere and never lose sight of it. Her example shifting career is indeed an inspiration for me. Her courage to live out of her box inspires me so much to continue to see my business on beauty and health to succeed.” -Aster Quezon, Interior Designer, Business Women


“Nilgun is passionate about coaching and transform lives. You feel comfortable as she creates sincere, open communication environment. She offers practical exercises creating strong results. She is quite well equipped. I admire her adaptive, flexible attitude which is giving the opportunity to change the way you are looking.  She is working swiftly according to your that moment needs. Her life story may influence you as well. I certainly recommend Nilgun to anybody who really wants to work on their personal & business life development with the facilitating guidance of a skilful, analytical and creative coach.”

I certainly recommend Nilgun to anybody who really wants to work on their personal & business life development with the facilitating guidance of a skilful, analytical and creative coach.”

Filiz Atılgan /Pharmacist- Regulation Affairs Consultant


“Working with Nilgün helped me to find my way, to get much more clearer for myself what I want and especially need. I loved her way digging deeper till finally I could connect with my source. In the whole process, the working atmosphere was very trustful. I felt fine to open up in a very short time. Some of her questions are still resonating, also she offers a wide range of tools to stay tuned in. Weeks later the result is sustainable, this proves for me the quality of Nilgün’s work best! Thank you, Nilgün!”

Susanne Böhm / Systemic Coach- Yoga Trainer


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